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Local Foods Mart is a grocery store and café that features products sourced mainly from within 100 miles of our doorstep: fresh produce, meats, milk, eggs, cheese, bread and baked goods, gluten-free baked goods and entrées, prepared foods, and scrumptious homemade ice cream. Our goal is to provide the best foods from our region in one central place that’s walking distance for most of the residents of downtown Barrie – and an inexpensive delivery service for nearby homes and the boat docks.

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Please note that our north entrance (on Dunlop St) has a set of stairs you must descend to get to the Harvest Market Bistro. Our south entrance (on Lakeshore Mews) is wheelchair-accessible and also has plenty of parking.

Dalla Corte DC Pro 2-Group Espresso Machine with Grinders


Dalla Corte DC Pro 2-Group Espresso Machine with Grinders


Dalla Corte DC Pro 2 Groups White with MCS 

This competition-class espresso machine is 1 1/2 years old, and in pristine condition thanks to water supplied from Easy 360 Reverse Osmosis filter (plus being well cared-for, and use in a medium-low volume environment). 

* Separate steam and brewing boilers, and separate brewing boiler for each group
* variable temperature settings of every brewing unit, accurate to within 0,5/10 °C, for constant espresso quality and perfect extraction
* two different temperatures and different water quantities can be set for hot water dispenser
* semi-automatic cleaning programme for brewing groups and steam boiler
* high energy efficiency and coffee extraction at constant temperature, due to the patented multi-boiler technology and to the separation between steam boiler and brewing group
* each group can be turned on/off or put in stand-by mode for low energy consumption, depending on the user’s needs
* 54mm-diameter portafilter for optimum extraction (comes with 2 doubles, 1 single, 1 open) 
* electrical cup heater with two heating modes
* Grinder-Control-System (GCS) – serial connection of coffee grinders (up to three dc pros) to the espresso machine that automatically controls coffee grind and dose
* Milk-Control-System (MCS) – automatic milk-frothing system - a special foam wand that designed to automatically create constant, dense and creamy milk foam. The perfect froth for each type of milk is made possible thanks to the unique Dalla Corte design and to a programmable system which can be set to every desired temperature. 
* Online-Control-System (OCS) – control system for remote maintenance and access to machine parameters
* CSI interface for the connection between cash system and brewing groups
* highest transparency through modular construction
* easy maintenance – most mechanical parts (groups included) can be accessed by unscrewing four screws
* all parts exposed to water are in lead-free alloy (CW510L) 
* ergonomic handgrips for easy and quick milk frothing
* simple and intuitive handling 

Also included are two Dalla Corte DC ONE grinders, which when connected to the DC Pro espresso machine, alter dose according to temperature, air pressure, humidity, for a consistent extraction every day of the year! 

* automatic recognition of portafilter capacity (single/double) 
* digital control of coffee grind
* an intelligent cooling system avoids burr and coffee overheating
* precise grinding time setting (for instance 3.725 s) 
* aluminium chassis to absorb vibration noises
* minimal dose variations due to special suspension of grinding burrs
* guided cleaning programme
* possible use of manual mode (with no serial connection to coffee machine) 
* 64mm grinding burrs in demagnetized steel
* modular structure for easy maintenance

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Website: http://www.dallacorte.com/prodotto/C/dc_pro-1920433A0G0729079039